What is Profiling? Is it necessary to create profile in the app to list my products on Etsy?

Article last modified on: Tue, 23 May 2023

Profiling is a method used to gather and analyze information about individuals or groups, enabling the creation of a comprehensive profile based on their characteristics, behavior, or attributes. In the context of using Shopify and Etsy as platforms, there are specific fields and information that are required on Etsy but not on Shopify. To facilitate this, profiling allows you to provide the necessary information on Etsy by assigning options to your products in bulk.

Profiling can be likened to the concept of Shopify Collections, where certain rules and conditions are applied to group products based on attributes such as product information, marketplace category, shipping details, and more. When using the app, this data is included in your product listings and sent to Etsy when uploaded.

By utilizing profiling, you can efficiently ensure that the required information is accurately provided for your products on the Etsy platform, aligning with their specific requirements and categories. Profiling is necessary to list your products on Etsy.

You can go through this link to know how you can create profile in CedCommerce Etsy Integration:


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